Kenamar MicroBooks:
Available at Ebay for $0.99 per Activity Set.

cat #     Title
001       "Peter Rabbit" by Beatrix Potter BUY

002       TBD

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Kenamar VideoBooks:
Available on DVD for $10 per title. (Free shipping & handling)

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cat #     Title
001        UD (EnFrSp) BUY
                     The Ugly Duckling (En) 42 min
                     El Patito Feo (Sp) 42 min
                     Le Petit Vilain Canard (Fr) 42 min

002        TBD

003        TBD


The Ugly Duckling - $10.00
(Free shipping & handling)


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  2. I am amazed at the creativity and innovation that are integrated into these video books. Kenamar video books help children and parents to read together, read for each other and bring back the passion for story reading one page at a time! I am enthusiastic about signing up our children and parents of Florida Family Literacy Center Inc. Thank you Kanamar Corporation for giving us the tools of making reading fun for our children! Director.


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