About Kenamar

Our goal for the Kenamar Videobooks is to help fight the growing illiteracy rates, not only in the United States but in other countries as well. We want to give all children a fighting chance when it comes to learning to read.

Kenamar's unique method for helping a child learn to read:

Reading familiarity...
Sometimes just getting a child comfortable with sitting down to read on their own can be a challenge. So giving a child familiarity with books, reading, and stories as early as possible is a good step. With Kenamar Videobooks a child can hear the stories and fall in love with seeing the words on the page even before they begin to practice reading on their own.

No imposed reading level restrictions...
Every child is naturally exposed to different words at different rates, so why decide for them which words they ought to be learning at which age. Kenamar Videobooks use time-tested classics for their reading content and don't limit the set of words your child will be reading to a predetermined grade level.

Allows for multiple comfort zones...
Did you know that there is more than one comfort zone for how a child reads? Some brains read from left to right, others read keywords first and then fill in the rest of the words. This doesn't affect the speed a child will read at, but it does mean any child who uses the second method is hampered by books that highlight each word as it's read or has a bouncing ball atop the words. That's why in the Kenamar Videobooks we merely group the sentences into easy to follow portions and don't rely on highlighting any words.

No pressure...
Kenamar Videobooks allow the child to teach themselves to read, at their own speed and convenience. Grandpa Ken's patient reading voice won't ever make them feel as though they need to hurry or to get it correct on the first try. Learning to read should never be stressful or full of pressure, it should always be fun and comfortable.

Kenamar Videobooks:
Press play,
Open eyes,
Learn to read...

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  1. We are absolutely delighted with your Videobooks for Children! Tim, aged nearly 4 Years is very much impressed and so is his mother and his grandma. It's like becoming a child again. A very nice and rare experience! We like to thank you and wish you a Merry Christmas!


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